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For the entire month of February 2024, participating cafés and restaurants will offer a signature hot chocolate drink for you to sample.  They’ll compete for the titles of YKA’s Best Hot Chocolate, Best Spirited Hot Chocolate, and special Cup That Runneth Over Award.

These delicious concoctions will warm your belly and your heart, knowing that $1-3 from each drink helps the Mount Paul Community Food Centre (CFC) reach even more community members.

You can learn more about the CFC and our diverse, free programs on our website.


How it works!

Choose a hot chocolate from our list of vendors, get yourself out to their location to make your purchase, download the app to your phone and then rate the drink to help us decide who will be crowned YKA’s Best Hot Chocolate! You can rate as many different drinks as you can try. In fact, we challenge you to try them all.

Each unique drink you vote for gives you a chance to win prizes throughout the festival. Multiple votes for the same drink will count as only one vote/prize entry.

<include another hyperlink to the app here too – both in QR code format for those viewing on a computer, and as a hyperlinked button for those viewing on a phone>


Participating Locations

Include here: drop-down menu, or link to a separate page that we can populate with an alphabetical list of the vendors names/info (with hyperlink to their location/website), the name of their signature drink(s) and the cost of each drink.


Information for Vendors

Hello 2024 YKA Hot Chocolate Festival vendors!  Thank you for participating in our first annual festival! You can find all the information you need here:

<Include the link to Vendor Guide and Terms & Conditions pdf.  Possibly this could be a button for them to click>



We could not have put this festival together without generous contributions from our sponsors:



Very special thanks go to the amazing team at Calgary’s Meals on Wheels, who generously provided us with all the information we need to start this festival.  If you’re in Calgary in February 2024, we encourage you to participate in the YYC Hot Chocolate Festival.



NOTE – once the festival is over, we’ll need to add a Winners section here, and maybe hide the how to participate and vendors list sections.

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